Designs for Narrow Block Homes

Some of the most innovative architectural designs are those found in narrow block homes. A narrow block home builder can make the most of the space available in a narrow lot to create a visually appealing exterior, as well as a comfortable interior. By designing an elongated floor plan an architect can incorporate more space into the overall design of the home. This plan works equally well for both one and two story homes, with attached garages. The elongated design will run vertical to the street, allowing the home to have an outdoor front yard area.

Contemporary Comfort for Interiors

An innovative design for a four bedroom home built on a narrow lot could place the master bedroom on the second story of the home. In addition to a large master bedroom, this upper floor level could also include a large sitting room, walk in closet and enclosed bath. This level could also have an outdoor balcony placed adjacent to the sitting area. The ground floor level could be designed with an open space living and dining area with an adjacent kitchen. All of the rooms placed on the ground floor will be designed with traffic flow in mind to make it easy to navigate from one area to another.

Innovative Exterior Designs

Because a home built on a narrow lot has less area in the front of the house, a Interline Constructions narrow block home builder could enhance the house design to make the exterior appear more visually attractive. This could be done by positioning the upper floor level so it protrudes slightly out from the lower one. Incorporating floor to ceiling windows also adds to the visual appeal of the exterior. Contemporary designs could also make use of decorative exterior walls to help divide the front area so it appears larger.